A Good Quiz

I recommend heading over to RMBO’s audio quiz before the 15th of November…their fourth installment is a good one. [Read more]

Speaking of Quizzes

Jason Beason just informed me of a brand new biweekly audio quiz set up by Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory at http://rmboquiz.blogspot.com. The RMBO quiz will be the only regular, moderated bird sound quiz on the web, as far as I can tell. There are certainly automated quizzes on the web — the Patuxent Bird Sound Quiz is fun — but I don’t know of any other blog-style audio quizzes whose challenges change on a regular basis. [Read more]

The Crossbill Quiz: Answers

Here are the answers to the quiz from the last post. [Read more]

“Lilian’s” Meadowlark songs

Interest in “Lilian’s” Meadowlark has spiked with the publication of Barker et al. (2008), which found significant genetic differences between Lilian’s and other “Eastern” Meadowlarks and recommended that Lilian’s be elevated to species status. Can “Lilian’s” be told from “Eastern” by song? In this post, we find out. [Read more]