Recordist Profile: Andrew Spencer

I’m pleased to say that I’ve added Andrew Spencer as an Earbirding author, so you’ll be seeing occasional posts by him on this site from now on. I figured it was a good idea to introduce him to his audience before handing him a keyboard — hence this author profile. [Read more]

Recordist Profile: Bob Zilly

Bob Zilly of Longmont, Colorado describes himself as a “casual and opportunistic” recordist. I’m excited to profile Bob in this post not only because he’s a terrifically nice guy, but also because I think his recording style and equipment will appeal to many readers who might like to get into audio recording in a relatively quick, easy, and inexpensive way. [Read more]

Recordist Profile: Tayler Brooks

The second installment in our occasional profile series spotlights Tayler Brooks of Brier, Washington, a newly active young recordist who was one of the expert sound ID panelists at the recent Western Field Ornithologists conference in Boise. [Read more]

Recordist Profile: Paul Hurtado

In response to my last post, Paul Hurtado suggested that I periodically profile recordists and their equipment, as a service to beginners and those shopping for new gear. I loved the idea, and since it was his (and he volunteered), I’m starting with a profile of Paul himself. [Read more]