An Easter (n?) Phoebe

Another possible hybrid phoebe in Boulder, Colorado. [Read more]

Song of Smudgy

In 2007, an odd-looking flycatcher set up a territory above a diversion dam along the Big Thompson River in Loveland, Colorado. “Smudgy,” as some of us called the hybrid Black x Eastern Phoebe, displayed song behavior even stranger than one might expect from a hybrid. [Read more]

A Hybrid Hummingbird?

Rich Hoyer has posted photos and spectrograms of an apparent Calypte x Archilochus hummingbird at his blog this morning. A morning’s investigation convinced me that the sound file he posted does indeed provide good evidence that the bird at his feeder could be a hybrid, probably the progeny of a Black-chinned Hummingbird and a Costa’s Hummingbird. [Read more]

A Hybrid Nighthawk?

While going through the Macaulay Library’s collection of Common Nighthawk vocalizations, I came upon something strange: a recording of what might be a hybrid Common x Antillean Nighthawk from south Florida. [Read more]