Florida, Part 2: Keys to Piney Woods

In addition to all the immigrants that I targeted, I spent a good amount of time on some of the native species of Florida as well. [Read more]

Editing Sounds in Adobe Audition

While using just a basic program such as Raven Lite will be sufficient for many recordists, you may find yourself wishing you had a more versatile program for fine-tuning your recordings. If this is the case the one I recommend is Adobe Audition. [Read more]

Editing Sounds in Raven Lite

Once you’ve come back from the field with a card full of new audio, renamed the files, and backed everything up, you may want to think about editing your sounds. [Read more]

How to Manage Your Recordings

If you are getting into nature sound recording, I’ve got a few recommendations for how to manage your recordings as the number of files grows. [Read more]