The Warbler Guide

I am confident that this book will enhance the way people look at warblers. I am less confident, but ardently hopeful, that it will enhance the way they listen to warblers as well. [Read more]

Larkwire: A Review

A new website for learning bird songs called Larkwire has just debuted, and it’s worthy of a look. [Read more]

The Coolest Bird

Rich Levad’s book “The Coolest Bird” has been published online by the American Birding Association. [Read more]

Spectrograms on the iPhone

An email from Denise Wight alerted me to the Spectrogram application for the iPhone, which is a pretty neat little app indeed. It uses the iPhone’s built-in microphone to create realtime scrolling spectrograms of any sound you’re hearing. Now those with hearing loss can see the sounds that their ears can’t hear! [Read more]

Review: Songs of the Warblers

Cornell has re-released the classic Songs of the Warblers in MP3 format for digital download. The song recordings are just as high-quality as ever, but the collection desperately needs to be expanded and revised. [Read more]

Book Review: A Sound Like Water Dripping

A Sound Like Water Dripping: In Search of the Boreal Owl is the 2009 memoir of Canadian researcher Soren Bondrup-Neilsen’s research for his master’s thesis on one of the most elusive of North American birds. [Read more]

SongFinder Review

I know I said I’d be gone for a couple more weeks, but that was before I got this great guest post by Mel Goff reviewing the SongFinder by Nature Sound Electronics, a device intended to help birders with high-frequency hearing loss. As I suffer a little bit from that malady already (and will likely suffer much more in years to come), this is a topic of great interest to me, and I hope others will benefit from Mel’s review. [Read more]