Andrew May, an associate professor of music at the University of North Texas, has composed a piece of avant-garde classical music called “Recyclers” that centers on a recording of a Northern Mockingbird that I made in Big Bend National Park in 2007. [Read more]

George the Sparrow

Ian Cruickshank of Victoria, BC sent me a remarkable recording of a very confused Song Sparrow, which seems to be incorporating the complete song of a Northern Waterthrush into its own singing. [Read more]

Mimicry in Cardueline finches

Today Matt Young told me about David Sibley’s recent post on vocal mimicry in Pine Siskins. The surprise to me (and to Sibley and others) was not that Pine Siskins infringe on other birds’ copyrights, but rather that this fact had gone unreported in the literature for so long. Actually it hadn’t just gone unreported; it had been refuted. [Read more]