Mountain Quail after all?

Don Roberson of Creagrus fame sent me an interesting and provocative email in response to the old pygmy-owl vs. chipmunk thread (1 2). With his permission, I’m reproducing it here for discussion. [Read more]

Pygmy-Owl vs. Chipmunk

In addition to the comments on my recent pygmy-owl post, I got five private emails, all of which implicated Merriam’s Chipmunk as the likely source of the pygmy-owl-like sound. In this post I examine the evidence for chipmunk origin of the sound. [Read more]

Pygmy-Owl Confusion

On 12 January 2009, my friend Andrew Spencer recorded an unseen creature on Chews Ridge in Monterey County, California. To my ear it sounds like a Northern Pygmy-Owl, but a few things about this and Doug Von Gausig’s recording are strange. Are they representatives of an anomalous local dialect? Or of a different type of vocalization than the primary song? Are they not even pygmy-owls at all? [Read more]