Meadowlark “bzerts”: identifiable?

Since meadowlarks learn their songs but not their calls (i.e., their calls are genetically determined), in theory, any significant differences between their calls might provide evidence that they should be split at the species level. The Birds of North America account claims that Lilian’s and Eastern calls are similar, and indeed they are–but there might be some perceptible differences too, as we shall see. [Read more]

“Lilian’s” Meadowlark songs

Interest in “Lilian’s” Meadowlark has spiked with the publication of Barker et al. (2008), which found significant genetic differences between Lilian’s and other “Eastern” Meadowlarks and recommended that Lilian’s be elevated to species status. Can “Lilian’s” be told from “Eastern” by song? In this post, we find out. [Read more]