We are not alone!

My friend Walter just sent me a link to Paul Driver’s excellent bird song blog.  I searched the web for other bird song blogs before I started mine, but I certainly missed this one!  According to his brief bio on Xeno-Canto, Paul is British by origin but now lives in the Philadelphia area.  I highly recommend a visit to his site–he’s only been posting for six months, but he’s already amassed a terrific collection of bird sounds, with spectrograms, audio, and commentary on each.  I am particularly impressed by his focus on little-known vocalizations, including flight calls, begging calls, alarm calls, and the like.  I mean, he’s got five different calls of Gray Catbird up right now (with multiple examples of a couple of those): that’s far better than XC at the moment!  Alas, no crossbills.

Keep up the good work, Paul!

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