Otherwise Engaged

Well, I’ve missed my deadline to return to blogging by quite a bit, and it looks like the hiatus will need to continue, for the following reasons:

  1. Another colleague of mine got sick, so I’m taking on two extra classes again for at least the remainder of February;
  2. I’m trying to put together a book proposal that I want to submit by the end of the month;
  3. I got engaged on Valentine’s Day, so I’m trying to plan a wedding.

That last excuse is one you can only really get away with once in your life, and my students have encouraged me to milk it for all it’s worth.  Therefore, I’m going to send you all my blogging regrets at least until the end of February.  When I return to the blog in early March, you can expect some exciting posts about the calls of Boreal Owls and the songs of hybrid birds.  Until then, I recommend trolling the links on the right to get your fix of bird sound blogging.

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