New Listserv Alert

Last spring Chris Tessaglia-Hymes of Cornell University started a listserv devoted to the discussion of nocturnal migration.  Here’s how Chris described it in his inital post:

The primary purpose of the List is to provide an effective electronic forum for experienced birders to discuss the identification of night flight calls of migratory birds, exchange ideas about recording equipment design and setup, disseminate information about active or predicted night flights in your area, and to better understand weather and RADAR data as they relate to patterns of nocturnal bird migration.

The listserv started off slow, but it has slowly gained participants (including, just recently, yours truly), and now that the southbound nocturnal migration is in full swing across North America, the postings are really picking up.  You can monitor the discussion at the online archive.  To join the list, you can email Chris to request that he add you, or you can check out the Welcome and Configuration page.  Either way, this is a great opportunity to join (or just to listen in on) the national conversation about nocturnal flight calls!

1 comment to New Listserv Alert

  • Ted Floyd (@NightBirding) also mentioned the list archive in a Tweet, but getting just a bit more information via your blog got me to actually click the link.

    I’ve joined the list, though will be mostly lurking and, hopefully, learning. I’m starting to explore the list archive.

    Thanks for the post on this interesting topic.