Learn to Record Birds

Some people have asked how I learned to record bird sounds. The answer is simple: in 2004, I took the Macaulay Library’s annual Nature Sound Recording Course in California. If you’re interested in learning about audio recording in nature, I can’t recommend this course more highly. [Read more]

Recordist Profile: Tayler Brooks

The second installment in our occasional profile series spotlights Tayler Brooks of Brier, Washington, a newly active young recordist who was one of the expert sound ID panelists at the recent Western Field Ornithologists conference in Boise. [Read more]

Let’s Get Exotic

Like other exotic species, parrots are woefully underrepresented in commercial bird sound publications. However, whether their immigration status is legal or not, exotic birds are unquestionably here, and they are unquestionably making noise. And that presents us with a great opportunity. [Read more]

Recordist Profile: Paul Hurtado

In response to my last post, Paul Hurtado suggested that I periodically profile recordists and their equipment, as a service to beginners and those shopping for new gear. I loved the idea, and since it was his (and he volunteered), I’m starting with a profile of Paul himself. [Read more]

The Fall Challenge

I’ve noticed that an awful lot of nature sound recordists in North America have traditionally focused on recording in the spring and early summer. Between August and December, it seems like almost nobody goes out with a microphone. We’re heading into that traditional “dead period” now, and I just want to point out that no matter where you live, there are some terrific opportunities for recording (and listening to) some of the most interesting and worthwhile sounds of the entire year. [Read more]