The Swifts of Mexiquillo

We were excited to arrive at Parque Natural Mexiquillo before the break of dawn in June, to look for waterfall-loving swifts. [Read more]

My Sounds on the Radio

My friend Jason Beason appeared today on Colorado Public Radio, reporting on the recent breakthrough in Black Swift research. The producer used my recording of Black Swifts at the beginning of the segment. [Read more]

Black Swift Wintering Grounds Discovered

Perhaps the greatest remaining mystery in North American bird migration routes has been solved. [Read more]

The Coolest Bird

Rich Levad’s book “The Coolest Bird” has been published online by the American Birding Association. [Read more]

Swift Travels

Last fall I posted about the project to put geolocators on Black Swifts in an effort to determine, for the first time, where the species spends the months from October to May. I just got exciting news from Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory’s Jason Beason: on Wednesday night, the team succeeded in recapturing one of the birds wearing a geolocator! [Read more]

The Coolest Bird Sound

In the opinion of the late Rich Levad, the Black Swift was The Coolest Bird, and in his still-unpublished manuscript of that name, he advanced a pretty strong argument for its coolness. This is a bird that spends much of its time foraging so high in the air that nobody ever sees it. It nests in the spray zone of waterfalls, so that a juvenile may never have dry feathers between hatching and fledging. And it is poorly understood: to this day we really have nothing but educated guesses as to where the species spends the winter. It appears that will change soon. [Read more]