My Sounds on the Radio

My friend Jason Beason, the eminent Black Swift researcher, appeared today on Colorado Public Radio’s daily news show Colorado Matters, reporting on the recent breakthrough in Black Swift research.  The producer used my recording of Black Swifts at the beginning of the segment.  You can listen to the entire interview on the CPR website.

My recording of a Least Sandpiper also opened a BBC radio segment back in December, in an article on the crazy wave of vagrant birds that Britain had last year (including Least Sandpiper).  Unfortunately, you can’t listen to that show online — the BBC doesn’t roll that way — but you can read an online version of the article you’re interested in the boring old human-speech part of the broadcast.  (They didn’t bother transcribing what the Least Sandpiper had to say.)

For the record, I gave permission for the use of my sounds in these broadcasts at no cost, and without attribution.  I’m just happy to get bird sounds into radio listeners’ ears!


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