Got Grosbeaks?

If Evening Grosbeak is a common sight at your feeders, Aaron Haiman wants to hear from you. [Read more]

Automatic Song Recognition Online

Hermann Redies and the folks at Xeno-Canto have just launched an ambitious project called Pai-Luiz, which attempts to automatically identify recordings of unknown bird sounds by looking through the entire Xeno-Canto database for matching syllables. [Read more]

The Coolest Bird

Rich Levad’s book “The Coolest Bird” has been published online by the American Birding Association. [Read more]

The Changes Are In

It’s July, and that means it’s time for the annual update to the American Ornithologists’ Union Checklist. Besides the high-profile splits of Winter Wren, Whip-poor-will, and Black Scoter, the checklist committee also did some major rearranging of scientific names, splitting a number of genera and reassigning several species to a new genus. We’ll take a quick survey of what’s changed and how audio was involved. [Read more]

Swift Travels

Last fall I posted about the project to put geolocators on Black Swifts in an effort to determine, for the first time, where the species spends the months from October to May. I just got exciting news from Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory’s Jason Beason: on Wednesday night, the team succeeded in recapturing one of the birds wearing a geolocator! [Read more]

A Sonoran Sampler

Well, I’m back from two weeks in southern Sonora, recording bird sounds with an expedition led by the Sonoran Joint Venture and Western Field Ornithologists in the Sierra de Alamos / Rio Cuchujaqui Wildlife Protection Area. I’m still struggling to crawl out from under the massive pile of Things To Do Now That I’m Stateside, so I thought I’d just share with you a quick sample of some of the more interesting audio moments from the expedition. [Read more]

Off to the Tropics!

There’s going to be a brief hiatus around here, as both of your Earbloggers are headed south of the border for a little while. [Read more]

Boat-billed Flycatcher Feature

I just published my first feature article for Xeno-Canto, on geographic differences in the vocalizations of the Boat-billed Flycatcher (Megarynchus pitangua), a Central and South American species. [Read more]

Back on the Air!

Apologies to all of you who have been trying to access the site for the past 5 days — Earbirding got hacked. [Read more]

Two New Warbler Websites

The title of this blog post is a little misleading – while both websites have warbler themed names, the real purpose of this blog is to announce two new nature sound resources. [Read more]